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Additional Services

Our experience in the industry has connected us with some of the best vendors in the Palm Beach County area for these additional services. We can help get you connected with a provider who is sure to deliver you a VNJ approved quality service.

vaccuum and shampooer for carpet cleaning service

Carpet Cleaning Services

At VNJ Cleaning Services, we use approved vendors to provide you with professional carpet cleaning services. Carpets are not easy to clean since they accumulate dust and debris fast and cannot be washed in a washing machine. Our carpet cleaners are skilled at using the right equipment to ensure your carpets look fresh and new and have their colors restored.

cleaning supplies for residential cleaning services

Residential Cleaning Services

We can connect you with the most diligent and hardworking residential cleaning professionals for your home. These residential cleaners offer a full range of domestic cleaning services, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and kitchen and bathroom cleaning. In addition, they can also help you declutter your home and clean all the doors, windows, and drapes.

Handyman with drill and toolbelt

Handyman Services

VNJ Cleaning Services also offers you the services of approved and licensed handymen for your convenience. We connect you to a crew that is skilled in home repair, furniture repair, painting, and more.

Carpet Cleaning
Residential Cleaning
Handyman Services
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